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Zapper Live01 Safe for health!

  • cleaning agent for copper handles
  • 9V battery and new larger electrodes


Zapper Live01 is designed to destroy microorganisms, including: bacteria, mold and fungi, causes of almost all diseases, including flu, acne, mycoses, Lyme disease, etc., as well as to stimulate the body.

The bioresonator is the result of the discoveries of the well-known biologist Dr. Hulda Clark device called a Zapper that uses a low voltage electric current to destroy microorganisms – 9V.

Package dimensions: 20 x 15.5 x 4.5 cm; Weight 0.5 kg

Our Zapper generates frequencies around 30,000 Hz. Our Zapper has a battery indicator in the switch (low light is the time to replace the battery)


and electrodes with a larger impact area – 15.1 mm long and 28 mm in diameter. Polish product 

    • Action:

      • destroys microorganisms within a few minutes,
      • stimulates the work of the immune system,
      • improves and stimulates energy levels throughout the body,
      • accelerates the healing of sports injuries (strains, bruises, sprains),
      • influences the improvement of metabolic processes, which can result in a nice and slim figure,
      • clears and supports the flow of bioenergy by unblocking the meridians, stabilizing its flow, and thus increases the vitality of each organism (Meissner Aura field)
      • works prophylactically regardless of health condition,
      • completely safe for health,
      • does not cause side effects. The exact description and application of Zapper is described in the book entitled “Cure for Life” by Dr. Huldy Clark, Purana publishing house in Wrocław

    Contraindications NOTE !!!

    The zapper cannot be used by:

    • people with a pacemaker or  similar device
    • pregnant women and patients with epilepsy.
    • Zapper has been tested on children from 6 months of age.
    • cardiac arrhythmia, active ventricular arrhythmia,
    • epilepsy,
    • acute venous thrombosis,
    • acute fever of unknown etiology,
    • mental disorders,
    • taking drugs,
    • alcoholism

    The zapper is a killing device, as the name suggests, not a
    healing device. Therefore, with each therapy,
    additional therapy must be used , which will help our body to expel
    parasites, e.g. Graviola herb or tincture of black walnut or
    other supplements or herbs that will help our body to
    SELF-HEAL. It is also important to cleanse the liver and
    kidneys during the treatment , eg with milk thistle, because as a result of the decomposition of deposits and
    killed microorganisms, they can be heavily overloaded.
    All knowledge on this subject can be found in the book of the well-known biologist Dr.
    Huldy Regher Clark “The Cure of Life”.
    Pursuant to Art. 2 points 38 of the Act of May 20, 2010 on products
    medical devices, the ZAPPER LIVE01 is not a medical device.
    The device is not a substitute for medical treatment.

    The use of zappers is not accepted by official academic medicine in Poland and the EU.

    Any information on zapping on this page is intended to represent a specific area of ​​knowledge known as “zapping” and should in no way be taken as a recommendation for the use of zappers.

    Safe for health!

    If you have any questions, write to us: phone: 508 061 685 e-mail: zamniane@zapper.com.pl

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