Zapper – principle of operation

  • In recent years, the so-called zappers – electric waveform generators to kill pathogens and support the body. The principle of operation and the construction of new discs is extremely difficult, it is more difficult to rationally explain their therapeutic effect.

Currents of different frequencies have long been used in classical medicine, but today’s popularity of different varieties of zapper is mainly related to the content of the book “The Cure for All Diseases“, written by Dr. Hulda Clark. In 1988, Mrs. Clark began experimenting with alternating waveforms, first at 1000 Hz, then at higher and higher frequencies. As she writes, she stated the presence of resonance. This applied to the human body as well as parasites, bacteria, viruses, mold and even toxins. He claims that all germs and parasites had characteristic resonance frequencies.

At the same time, the author decided that a very good effect can be obtained by using only one, relatively low frequency of 20 … 40 kHz, when the output waveform has a rectangular shape and contains a constant component. In his book, he proposes building a zapper – a device to destroy parasites in the body. Zapping refers to the exposure of germs to an electric current of a certain frequency, the name derived from the slang term zap – “attack, kill, destroy”.

Hulda Clark claims that small variable electrical waveforms can eliminate numerous parasites, bacteria, viruses and toxins from the body.


Let’s go back to the book “Cure for Life”. Its author, Hulda Clark, claims that small variable electrical waveforms have a beneficial effect on human health, because they can eliminate numerous parasites from the body, including flatworms and roundworms (flukes, tapeworms, roundworms, pinworms, trichomes), various bacteria and viruses, and toxins. Importantly (and highly controversial), they are also to be at least helpful in the treatment of various types of cancer and other serious diseases. According to her claims, waveforms with frequencies from 10 Hz to about 1 MHz (but not more than 1.52 MHz) can be used.

The author has compiled extensive tables of resonance frequencies for a multitude of parasites, bacteria and viruses (available in the mentioned book). However, she found that the resonance frequencies of individual parasites can change over time. This is bad news, because the published tables of resonance frequencies may have become obsolete. But there is also good news. Well, in the book there are reports of the use of a generator that is smoothly tuned in various frequency ranges. Slow, smooth tuning is expected to eliminate germs in the entire range of sweep frequencies.

The author also asked herself about the effects of exposing undesirable visitors to the human body to an electric current with their characteristic resonance frequencies. As she writes, she experimentally stated (with salmonella, roundworm and herpes virus) that after a few minutes of therapy, their resonance does not occur, which she considered as evidence of their extermination from the body.

Book “The Cure for All Diseases”

The book “The Cure for All Diseases” is available on the Internet.

The author of the preface to the Polish edition wrote in it, inter alia: (…) There are statements in the book itself that may raise the doubts of the doctor reading it. (…) Unfortunately, there are no scientific papers known to me that would verify the validity of the assumptions presented here. (…) to you, that is P.T. It is up to the reader, therefore, to evaluate what you will find in Mrs. Clark’s book.

Well, there are statements in this work that raise doubts not only by doctors, but also by moderately advanced electronics. This applies even to the (laconic) description of experiments using waveform generators, statements about resonance, the influence of coils, the importance of shielding, the constant component of the alternating waveform, or harmonics of the square wave.

On the Internet you can easily find crushing criticism of both the book “Cure for Life”, conclusions and recommendations of Hulda Clark, as well as, for example, information that she obtained her PhD not in regular medical studies, but in a 100-hour course, costing 695 dollars.

On the other hand, there are tons of rave reviews of this type of instrument and therapy online. Undoubtedly, a large part of them are written by people who have a financial interest in the dissemination of such devices. And the prices of such devices are high, some even sky-high. This applies especially to the simplest zappers, where the wholesale cost of electronic components is in the range of PLN 1 … 2 (yes!), While the prices of ready-made devices, often in elegant suitcases, with fancy electrodes, are at least several hundred PLN.

However, not all positive zapper reviews come from cynical scammers. There is no doubt that there are plenty of people who are convinced that their zappers have helped or are constantly helping them. Here, for people with a rational approach, two possibilities immediately come to mind.

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