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Translated automatically by the robot. Below are excerpts from the book “The Cure for All Diseases” by Dr. Hulda Clark

In 1994, the son of Dr. Huldy Clark built a handy, high-precision, battery-powered frequency generator to give anyone the opportunity to eliminate, for example, an intestinal ulcer at 434,000 Hz at a low investment cost. When Dr. Hulda Clark tested the device on one of her own bacteria, it turned out that three other strains radiating at completely different frequencies also died! She had never noticed such a situation before. When she tested other patients, all bacterial strains were removed, even though there were dozens of them!

Further research has shown that the effect is not due to the unique design of the instrument, nor to the particular shape of the signal generator. The reason was battery power!

Any signal shifted positively, asymmetrically with the power polarity, kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously.

The condition is that the correct power supply (5-10 volts), duration (7 minutes) and frequency (10 – 500,000 Hz) are selected.

Before this discovery, Dr. Hulda Clark adjusted the factory-made frequency generator output symmetrically to oscillate between power supply plus and minus. Now Dr. Hulda Clark set the signal oscillation between plus and zero (shift towards the plus – signal unbalanced with respect to the power supply). This had the same effect as the battery-operated generator her son assembled.

Three 7-minute procedures get rid of all intruders.
Why doesn’t the virus inside the worm die during the first treatment?
Probably because the high-frequency current flows along the surface of the body (this is called the epidermal effect) – the body of the parasite was still shielding the inside.

The zapper has no effect on shielded organisms, such as in the stomach or intestines. The current runs along the walls of the stomach or intestines without penetrating their interior.

So the method is not a perfect solution.

All living matter is characterized by frequency ranges (bands). In general, the more primitive a body is, the narrower its band of radiation. Higher organisms have a wider band at higher frequencies.

Dr. Hulda Clark speculates that a positive voltage applied anywhere in the body affects negatively charged objects – bacteria, for example.

Dr. Hulda Clark saw no effect on blood pressure, consciousness, or body temperature. The treatment never caused pain, on the contrary, the pain often subsided.

Dr. Hulda Clark describes how the Zapper works.

  • frequency readings should be between 20 and 40kHz. Our Zapper and Zapper Dr. Clark are made at a frequency of around 30 kHz.
  • the voltage on the oscilloscope should be 8 – 9 volts (the voltmeter will read no more than 4-5 volts)
  • the body current should be approximately 3.5 mA

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